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Andrew Walker

Meet our Clubhouse Manager, Andrew Walker.  Andrew is a Danville native that grew up in the southside of town. He had been living in South Florida, for six years as the manager of the Stuart Bonefish Grill. Then he returned to his hometown of Danville, along with his fiancé Megan, to begin their lives as new parents and be closer to their family. Andrew is a big family person and enjoys making memories whenever possible.


Andrew has always been a people-person and has a great ability to make an emotional connection with people. Andrew has over 10 years of experience as a manager in the restaurant industry and is known for making an impact on the people that visit the establishments. He has instilled one key virtue in himself and his employees: “your attitude controls your altitude.” He is famous for having a constant smile on his face when hosting an event within his community. “There is nothing like watching a guest smile and laugh as they enjoy an experience my team was able to create.” 


Mr. Walker’s goal is to build an atmosphere where friends and families can come together to create memorable experiences by sharing excellent food and drinks served with a smile. He has an attention to detail and his high energy will be contagious throughout the staff. He says, “true hospitality is giving for the sake of giving and not for the sake of gaining.” With great work ethic and superb leadership skills, Andrew Walker is a great asset to the Danville Golf Club.


Please call Andrew at 434-792-7225 Ext. 4 or e-mail to discuss any special requests.  He is here to serve our members and their guests. 

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